How to survive a narcissist, be a single parent, and generally try to conquer life! Not such a hard list to complete?

Life can start again, you just need the balls to get it started, It cant be that difficult to just start again can it?

Little did I know.

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Little Did She Know.

Life began again for me two years ago when I was brave enough to leave an abusive relationship. I moved to Bournemouth with my beautiful little boy who was barely two at the time. Talk about jumping in at the deep end, I mean the very deep end! Who would have thought how hard it would be, but no struggle compared to the need to flee the abusive narcissistic partner I had.

I woke one morning after an extremely bad night and decided today is the day I become ME AGAIN! Me, Millie, the strong, dependable, funny, outgoing, slightly sarcastic person I always was. Asking friends to describe me it would generally involve the words Strong and passionate, closely followed by my deep love for expensive red wines! I still haven’t quite found my whole self yet but I’m well on my way. My Mum always said to me ” your as strong as an ox!” Well its about time I became that Ox again.

I found that there was so much information and help about leaving but nothing to follow up and help once I had left. I was out on my own! thrown into the wolves with a well done pat on the back. Now What? How do I find a new home, school, friends, work etc. How do I deal with new emotions and situations? How do I deal with the family court process? How the hell do you do single with a two year old with severe separation anxiety? In fact how the hell do you just do Single??!

Well, the aim of my blogs? Just to help, to be that person that I so desperately needed. That person to tell you its going to be ok…. in the end, but in the mean time, be prepared for the biggest shit storm known to man.  I am hoping that in writing this I can help at least one person and failing that? Well it just means I get to rant and off load my thoughts and fears and worries. Ive had some seriously happy moments too so sharing those, I hope can show you there is a light! It might not be the brightest one but hey its definitely there!

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